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My KDP Experiment (Part 2 – results)

May 14, 2012

Last month, I enrolled of my older books, THE TEARS OF ELIOS, in the KDP Select Program and offered it for free for 3 days. I have to say, my experiment was a huge success. For a recap of the starting point, go here.

So, are y’all ready for some numbers?

13,684 – the number of free downloads of TEARS across all Amazon sites

486 – the number of copies of TEARS sold after the free promo ended

109 -the number of books borrowed (at $2.48/borrow)

140 – the number of my 2 other self-published titles sold in April

67 – an estimate of my other books sold per Novel Rank

13 – number of new reviews from readers on Amazon

And for the number you’re waiting for:

$1832.30 – amount made on Amazon for TEARS

(that’s more than I made in royalties across all titles for 2011)

So, while I still don’t like the idea of KDP Select being 90 days, I am impressed with the numbers it’s generated. If the term were shortened to 30 days, I’d definitely consider enrolling future titles in it, but for the moment, I’ll leave things as they are and will post TEARS on the other sites as soon as I can.