Want a free copy of Poisoned Web?

August 19, 2013


It’s been a while since I released anything new (sorry – I’m working it, though!! :D), so I decided to try a little experiment to get people excited for my next release, Poisoned Web. It’s the second book in the Deizian Empire series–sort of Stargate meets Ancient Rome–and starts off where the first book ends.

So, how can you get a free ebook copy? Leave a review for the first book in the series, Tangled Web. Then, email me using the contact form on my website with a link to where you left the review and let me know what format you’d like the ebook of Poisoned Web in (.mobi for Kindle or .epub for Nook, Apple, Kobo, or Sony). A few days before the actual release date, I’ll send you a copy of Poisoned Web.

Simple, right?

Well, I do have to state a couple of restrictions.

  1. It does help if you’ve actually bought and/or read Tangled Web when you write the review.
  2. As much as I love 5-star reviews, I want you to be honest.
  3. This offer ends September 30, 2013, OR once I reach 100 requests for a free copy of Poisoned Web, whichever comes first.

Want a chance to get a print copy? Then sign up for my newsletter. I’m always giving away autographed copies of my books to my subscribers. 🙂



  1. Hello Crista. I read your novel Tangled Web back in January and wrote a review on Goodreads. I was just wondering if I am eligible to receive a copy of Poisoned Web?

    • Krystal, please email me using my contact page so I know where to send the copy of Poisoned Web when it’s formatted and ready to ship

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